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Camilla Nicholson - End of Life Doula, Kuranda, QLD

Completed Training: 2023

What services do you provide? End of Life Support, Advanced Care Planning, End of Life Vigil Services

Languages spoken: English

I am an End of Life Doula located in Kuranda Queensland.

My role is to support people and their families at the End of Life. Death is a topic people often avoid talking about resulting in it being a scary thing in the shadows, so we want to pretend isn’t going to happen to us. However, death is something natural that we will all face one day.

I want to help remove the scariness and bring it into the light by assisting people to feel they have some control over the inevitable process. I wish to provide a non-judgemental, non-religious though spiritual service to support whatever your beliefs and/or religion in a compassionate, loving way and hold the space so you may pass without fear in peace and harmony with yourself and your family and friends.

End of life is as sacred as birth and deserves the same celebration and support as occurs at birth. I would like to help achieve this in a loving and supportive way according to your beliefs and wishes.

My services include but are not limited to:

  • Non-medical holistic support e.g. attending appointments with you

  • Advance care planning

  • Assisting with tying up any lose ends, e.g. Seeking or providing forgiveness for past wrongs

  • Assisting with updating any documentation e.g. a will

  • Emotional support and guidance

  • Advocating your needs, assisting and/or coordinating with communication between family, friends, neighbours, health care and other service teams, and funeral directors

  • Assisting with creating legacy projects and memories

  • Providing, vigil, aftercare planning and directives according to your preferences and wishes

  • Funeral care plan and after death plan - including funeral, burial, cremation, shrouds, and alternatives and wake

  • Bereavement support for family members if requested

Lauren Wilkinson - Birth and Postpartum Doula, Sydney, NSW
Camilla Nicholson - End of Life Doula, Kuranda, QLD


Kuranda, QLD

0439 792 198


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