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The Doula Heart Network


'The power of Doulas in underserved communities'


Running alongside the ADC is our goodwill arm, the Doula Heart Network (DHN) which supports and serves underprivileged, marginalized and or disadvantaged women, families and individuals. Since its inception in 2004, the DHN has provided goods, care, respect and support to over 500 women and children.


The DHN was created after the College founder and director, Renee Adair had worked in a young women’s refuge, part of the Australian Red Cross, for over three years. ​The DHN believes that no-one should ever birth or die alone, and no-one should ever be judged or receive any less care because of their race, colour, religion, age or personal situation.


Not only do we provide support, information and education during one of life's many transitions but we also offer a variety of other services, including but not limited to:


  • Transport

  • Attending appointments

  • Supplying practical goods like baby clothes

  • bedding, furniture and kitchen ware

  • Extended family support during times of need

  • Food parcels

  • Community referrals

  • Brokerage for items like getting a birth certificate issued and needed medications

​The DHN encourages the words of love and non-judgment for anyone seeking and needing support at the first or last breath and any transition in-between.

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