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The Doula Diaries

28 Nov 2023

2023 Scholarship Announcement

We're thrilled to announce the recipients of the Scholarships in 2023.

10 Oct 2023

What does a death doula do?

Renee spoke with Marjorie on all things end of life doula.

18 Sept 2023

Birth into Being One Day Intensive workshop

Is this why you’re interested in working in birth support, or the healing arts?
Perhaps you’ve committed to the idea that women should not suffer in birth?
Maybe you’re subliminally healing your own traumatic entry to life, or birth experiences?
Or you’re a wonderfully nurturing soul with extra love to give, and a desire to turn your unique super power into a livelihood?

3 Aug 2023

Sharing the work of the doula all around the globe: Catherine's story

The ADC has several international students from Europe, New Zealand, Asia and Africa. This is Catherine and she lives in Kenya.

3 Aug 2023

Dying to Know Day 2023

#GetDeadSetMyWay #DyingToKnowDay #DyingToKnowDay

1 Aug 2023

World Breastfeeding Week 2023

Enabling breastfeeding - making a difference for working parents

2 July 2023

NAIDOC Week 2023

Theme 'For Our Elders'

1 July 2023

'Soulful Mummas Singing. Empowerment through song!'

Sign up for a 4 week Antenatal course 'Soulful Mummas Singing. Empowerment through song!'

30 Mar 2023

The Grief

One person's story of their grief after losing their husband and best friend.

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