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Say Their Name Everyday

Australian Doula College

25 Mar 2024

say their name today
say their name tomorrow
say their name everyday

The loss of a child is one of the most devastating experiences any parent can endure. Yet, the grief surrounding stillbirth—the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy before or during birth—is often compounded by the silence and the lack of acknowledgment.

Acknowledging stillborn children and the pain their families endure is not only essential for the healing process but also for breaking the stigma surrounding this heart-breaking reality.

So here at the Australian Doula College, we say their name today, tomorrow and everyday. Because Say Their Name Day is EVERYDAY.

Losing a baby or child has a profound impact on parents and families. The dreams, hopes, and expectations for the future are shattered with this loss. Acknowledging this loss validates the parents' grief and affirms the significance of their child's existence, no matter how brief.

One way to acknowledge stillborn children is by openly discussing their lives and the impact they had on their families. Sharing memories, stories, and acknowledging important milestones such as due dates and anniversaries can help keep their memory alive and provide solace to grieving parents.

Simple gestures like using the child's name and acknowledging their place within the family can be incredibly meaningful.

Creating memory boxes filled with mementos such as ultrasound images, footprints, or locks of hair can provide a tangible connection to their child. Additionally, memorial services or rituals tailored to honour children can provide a sense of closure and acknowledgment for families.

Access to grief counselling, support groups, and resources specific to stillbirth can help individuals navigate the complex emotions associated with their loss. Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in supporting grieving parents and providing compassionate care.

Breaking the silence surrounding stillbirth is essential for raising awareness and reducing stigma. By acknowledging stillborn children openly, society can foster a culture of empathy and support for grieving parents. This acknowledgment validates the profound impact of stillbirth and underscores the importance of supporting families through their grief journey.

By openly discussing stillbirth, remembering the lives of these precious children, and providing support to grieving families, we can honour their memory and hold those who have lost in our hearts and in our arms.

Head here for a list of support services:

IMAGE VIA ABC NEWS / You can read the full text article here

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