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Student Doula Testimonials

Our student doulas are comprehensively trained and supported to offer wonderful support during your transition. Whether it is in the first breath or the last, hear all about past families experiences with Australian Doula College student doulas.

Pregnant Belly

"jack of all trades"

I was very happy with what my doula Cassie provided, especially considering I played a very nominal price for the service. The best part was having someone who could be called upon as a 'jack of all trades' in the labour and Postnatal process eg support, idea sharing, child care, food, cleaning etc

~ Alison S

(November 2023)

"more than we could have asked for"

Jess provided more than we could have asked for. Jess was there every step of the way. It was amazing to have the support of someone who isn’t your partner or midwife who just is there for you.

~ Lauren S

(December 2023)

Giving Birth
Baby's Grasp

"I felt her care very deeply and it meant everything"

Dominique was someone to help write my birth wishes, education, advocating for me and support during the difficult times/asking questions I couldn’t. Dominique became very dear to me and in the worst moments when I was haemorrhaging I felt her care very deeply and it meant everything

~ Kelsey C

(November 2023)

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