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Birth & Postpartum Doula


Doncaster East



About me

Hi, I'm Rachael, a Birth and Postnatal Doula residing in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. A Territory girl at heart, growing up in the Rural area of Darwin; a lover of horses, rugby, nature, freedom, travelling, sipping wine by a fireplace, meeting new people, all things women's health and being of service to others.

My dream is to provide a service where I can create safe spaces of beauty to share bodywork and ritual for those of you on your journey through motherhood. To encourage and educate women to take back their power, control, and voice. To invite you to utterly surrender and unfold as you dive into unknown depths of initiation while being held, supported, and nourished. Where I can be your confidante, your coach, and your cheerleader.

Together on this journey, we will learn things, plan things, and prepare things so you’re ready for the unexpected. My job as your doula isn’t to tell you or show you how to give birth but to help you find YOUR own way to give birth. Let’s talk about your previous experiences, go through your wants, and needs, get you to feel comfortable surrendering where you need to, so you can embrace the process and enjoy feelings of calm, serenity, and freedom.

It's going to be beautiful, fun, emotional and at times a little scary, but it’s ok, because I’ll be behind you for support, next to you for company and ahead of you to pull you through.

Let’s catch up and have a chat and blossom together.

Please feel free to reach out on my socials as well @the.blossoming.doula

My skills and training

Working as a qualified doula since


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