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About me

My name is Alice and I am the doula from Courageous Births. I live in South Australia.

I am married to Rod and together we have nine children and ten grand children. Since being pregnant with my first child back in 1981, I have loved all things to do with pregnancy, birth and family. Childbirth is the very beginning of a lifetime of parenting but it is a momentous and powerful time in a woman’s (and a couple’s) life. I believe every woman should be allowed the opportunity to birth how she chooses.

After many years of childbearing and some part time work squeezed in between, I decided to follow my passion and become a doula. I completed training with the Australian Doula College in 2017 and am very excited to be able to assist women and families during such an important and life changing time.

To give a bit of my personal story, my own births were all different and included three c-sections, but also a VBAC after the first two. I believe each birth taught and grew me and helped give me a deeper understanding of not just the physical side of childbirth, but also the many other ways it affects women.

I deeply believe in the beauty and preciousness of pregnancy and birth and am passionate about supporting women in their own journeys. I feel my personal experience and wisdom gathered over the years has given me compassion, understanding and enthusiasm for pregnant, birthing and post natal women.

I love to respectfully listen to women’s thoughts and desires for their births and to help them and their partners have a safe and satisfying birth experience. I believe having a positive mindset is essential for childbirth, so I aim to encourage women to release any fear they might have around birth and instead use positive language, affirmations, visualisations, breathing techniques etc during pregnancy and labour.

After your baby is born the post natal time can be full of highs and lows and whether you are a mumma for the first time or the ninth time, care and support is vital. I love to follow women up after their birth with one or two visits for post natal support, which I offer with compassion and understanding.

I always see it as a huge honour and privilege to be asked to serve women in this way. I appreciate the experience I have with every woman I work with, and I love continuing to learn and grow as a doula. My aim is to give the kind of support and care each individual woman needs for her pregnancy and birth.

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Oct 30, 2017

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Contact me

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0427 331 588

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