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About Us

The Australian Doula College (ADC) is an integrated orgainisation working in collaboration with Preparing the Way, providing education, support and continuity of care for Birth and End of Life Doulas and anyone needing support through any one of lifes many transitions. Through our network of qualified and experienced educators, doulas and other practitioners, we can offer a variety of services, training programs and support. We make and sell our own products and supply prouducts that we recommend for you, your family and all birth and Preparing the Way Doulas. At the ADC we believe that the first and last breath are the biggest life trainsitions you make and that you deserve to understand your choices and feel supported during these times.Ensuring you and your family have the best experience possible. ADC is a doula training facility, offering one off or ongoing training, support and products for experienced doulas. ADC doulas also operate along-side our charity Arm DOULA HEART NETWORK. ADC provides up to date information in a relaxed and caring environment through a broad range of groups, classes and sessions. We also can offer some sessions, support and treatments in your home or office, if you would prefer. We want to share our experience with you so that you can be better equipped to make informed decisions that are right for you and your family. At the ADC we take a holistic approach to lifes transitions, believing if you have a better understanding of your options and 'what to expect' you can have a more positive experience. We will support and empower you on your journey, however that journey unfolds for you. Whilst we would like to warmly acknowledge the great work that other doula organisations are presenting here in Australia, we feel we offer unique services and trainings for our clients and students which to the best of our knowledge is not available at this level under one roof anywhere else in Australia. Call us on 02 9697 3974 or 1300 139 507.