Doula training with The Australian Doula College 

Birth and Postnatal Doula Training

Doula training is possible throughout Australia and the world with the Australian Doula College.

The twenty modules that make up our comprehensive training can be delivered to you in a variety of ways.

We cover a multitude of subjects starting at conception, working though the mechanics of labour, your fears and feelings, possible fears and challenges for parents, homebirth, hospital policies and procedures, post natal issues, breastfeeding and postnatal doula-ring, just to name a few.

The entire course can be undertaken on our easy to navigate E Learning platform and we have a dedicated Correspondence coordinator to guide and support you though the training.

Our course becomes a journey for the doula and offers a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth and an opportunity for the doula to grow and understand how her life experiences and her beliefs can impact on the birthing woman and her partner.

We believe that it is essential to understand your own vulnerabilities and fears in order to be able to assist others though theirs. This is an intricate part of the course.


All of our facilitators and educators are doulas and all hold a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Collectively, as doulas and educators we have over 100 years experience in birth and the post natal period. Our students are extremely well supported during the course and while undertaking their training births and have a trainer on call for them 24 hours, seven days a week.

If you have been thinking about becoming a doula then we would love to talk to you………..Our doula training is different to the others and we would be honoured for you to share your doula journey with us!

Doula and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training now offered entirely online...

Doula and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, ‘The Sahana of Birth’ is a Pregnancy yoga teacher and doula certification combined. It is a collaboration between Katie Rose, the founder and director of Everyday Sadhana and Bhakti Rose and Renee Adair, the founder and director of the ADC.

Sadhana means ‘conscious spiritual practice’ and nowhere is this intention needed more than in the realm of birthing and new motherhood.  Created by Katie Rose in collaboration with Renee Adair, The Australia Doula College brings this unique training to you. Sadhana of Birth meets the highest standard of pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher training with a full and certified doula training.  Essentially this training gives you two qualifications in one. 

Whether you join us for personal interest, or to be of support in a multi-faceted way for your clients, you will be able to offer so much more to pregnant women and their families upon completion of this training. This course will help you find a whole new way of practicing and teaching yoga and will get you started on developing your career as a birthing and / or post-natal doula. 

Cert IV in Doula Support Services

Accredited Doula Training is possible though the ADC and currently only available for those who have completed the ADC Birth and Post Natal Doula training. 

The Cert IV in Doula Support Services (10564NAT) is available in partnership with Medicus College (RTO#41166) and is a nationally recognised and Accredited course. 
It is possible to upgrade to the Cert IV in Doula Support Services (10564NAT) and complete the core units of competency entirely online at any time, if you are an ADC graduate of the last three years. Students are given RPL for the Doula Units you have completed. 

For more information, fees and registration forms please contact our office