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Lauren Hammacher

Birth & Postnatal Doula

My name is Lauren Hammacher. I live in the Inner West in Sydney with my husband and two boys.

I am a birth and post-natal doula and an Evidence Based Birth® Professional. I am an avid researcher about all things birth.

I also have a part time day job – running a global community of analysts and data scientists for one of Australia’s largest data science and AI companies. I have over 15 years’ experience in data analytics, so my background is grounded on data, science and logical problem solving… And then I gave birth and became a mother and I discovered a whole other side to Lauren.

My evidence-based research contributed significantly to my desire for a normal physiological birth. I learnt that continuity of midwifery care, a presence of a doula, an environment of love, connection and safety, no intervention and augmentation (or limited), and a woman owning her decisions in birth was statistically shown to achieve better birth outcomes and birth satisfaction. I prepared consciously for this and the process awakened my love for the process of birth and its significance in a women’s life as a mother, partner, lover, working mother, sister, community member, world changer.

My values are family, community and connection, learning and personal growth.

My vision is a world where the statement “birth happened to me” is never heard. Where women trust their intuition and power and discover parts of themselves, they never realised they had. Where women share openly their experiences and acknowledge their realised potential to do anything they desire. Where their fears and self-doubt are removed, and their ongoing support and community enables them to assert themselves and find their voice to ask for what they need.

I'd love to connect and work with you. Please get in touch.

Lauren xo


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