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Ann-Marie Breen

End Of Life Doula

I have travelled and lived in many countries and have been fortunate enough to meet people from all walks of life and cultures. My spiritual journey has involved both a lot of seeking within and also the continual mystery of understanding the life and death natural cycles in this world. I’ve previously worked extensively in the travel industry overseas as both a tour operator and tour guide also done voluntary work in the area of HIV/AIDs and Divorce Mediation.

I believe that people in time of uncertainty, confusion and fear just needing someone to really be alongside them without judgement. This comes to us all at some stage, particularly when facing end-of-life and its different stages. I can be there for you on that spiritual and emotional journey along with guiding you to get the best out of life as it stands for you in the way you would like it to be. Also working with you in a pragmatic way in assisting you with the other issues you might find just too overwhelming such as funeral planning, wills, de-cluttering etc.

My heart is a very tender and compassionate one willing to be with you at this important time. Remember, you don’t have to be alone. I hope I can be there for you in only a way you would wish for.

0415 468 131

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