Sadhana Of Birth

Sadhana means ‘conscious spiritual practice’ and nowhere is this intention needed more than in the realm of birthing and new motherhood.  Created by Katie Rose in collaboration with Renee Adair, The Australia Doula College brings this unique training to you. Sadhana of Birth meets the highest standard of pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher training with a full and certified doula training.  Essentially this training gives you two qualifications in one. 

Whether you join us for personal interest, or to be of support in a multi-faceted way for your clients, you will be able to offer so much more to pregnant women and their families upon completion of this training. This course will help you find a whole new way of practicing and teaching yoga and will get you started on developing your career as a birthing and / or post-natal doula. 



Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training and Doula Certification

Senior Yoga Teacher Katie Rose explains: When running our pregnancy yoga trainings previously, many of the teachers would express an interest in doula training (especially once they had come to understand the importance of the role of the doula and also after spending some time with Renee Adair the incredible founder of the Australian Doula College). This prompted us to explore how we could offer both doula and pre / post-natal yoga teacher training in one package. Once we started to explore how a collaboration could work we came up with this incredible offering.


It includes an in-depth, certified and thorough grounding in teaching yoga to pregnant women and to women in the journey following childbirth. The yoga component of the training is certified with Yoga Alliance. The online version of the yoga component is certified through Bhakti Rose. It also gives you the opportunity to become a certified doula.

Components of the training and time commitment:

This training is run 100% online. There is a substantial home-study component between these sessions, which includes journaling, reading, class planning and yoga teaching practice, watching some specific documentaries and completion of doula assignments and questions via the online learning system. You are also required to complete three student births to complete the Doula training and you have one year to complete the training from the start date. 

As this Training is offered 100% online, you can enrol ANYTIME!

Study from anywhere through our two easy to navigate online learning management systems.

Payment plans options are available and the ADC is including your first year of membership with the ADC (post graduation) free of charge usually $165.00. Tuition includes: all course material, support from your educators, access to our learning management systems, debriefing and guidance. 

Payment is transferable but NOT refundable once your booking has been accepted.

Additional requirements:

Students will need to purchase the following books (not included in course fee):

  • ‘Birth’ by Catherine Price and Sandra Robinson

  • ‘Well Adjusted Babies’ by Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani

  • ‘Doula Handbook’ by Marshall H. Klaus

  • ‘Yoga of Birth’ by Katie Rose (Manitsas)

  • ‘Yoga for Pregnancy’ by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Katie Rose is the founder and director of Bhakti Rose and co-founder of Bhakti Blends.  She is an advanced level Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and a Ayurveda Teacher.  She is also qualified in Kundalini Yoga and as a doula (childbirth support person) and holds the highest possible accreditations with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia.  She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.  


Katie’s passion is in yogic philosophy and the seasonal practices of sadhana – bringing devotion and a sense of the sacred to everyday life, as well as compassion for animals and a deep reverence for nature.  


Katie is a published author of several books including ‘The Yoga of Birth’ and her newest book ‘Mindful Living’.  She is the mother of four young boys and lives with her loud and busy family in Sydney’s Inner West.

Katie Rose

Founder of Bhakti Rose

Renee Adair is the founder and principal educator of the Australian Doula College and the charity Doula Heart Network.  She first began working with women and babies in 1994 as a massage and Aromatherapist and Reiki Practitioner in 1998 began studying and working as a Doula, Childbirth and Early Parenting Educator and Birth Counsellor.  For three and half years she then worked for the Australian Red Cross at their young women’s health program/refuge and set up both the outreach and childbirth and early parenting education programs for that service. Renee has spoken on Radio National on the subject of Doula support and she presents at conferences, seminars and workshops on all things pregnancy, birth and early parenting. She is also a regular contributor in pregnancy and parenting publications and websites. In her career she has supported hundreds of women, their partners and families through pregnancy, birth and the early parenting phase. Renee has trained thousands of doulas since 2004, lives in the beautiful South Coast and still works as a hands on doula, just not as often as she would like.

Renee Adair

Founder of The Australian

Doula College

“Well first, this training is the only course of this kind in Australia. It combines, for the first time, both a certified Doula training as well as a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training. But then it is not actually a “course”. It is a comprehensive and in-depth immersion in the birth world and an individual inner-journey. The course is very well balanced between theoretical and practical components and the content is super riche and informative.


But what I personally experienced with this course is that you WILL dive deep and when you think you went deep it will open the door again to a whole new level of understanding and knowledge. It is honestly a life long journey. Many people share that yoga TT transformed them but working in the birth space is a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL ! Because it is going deep in “our” story as an individual, as a family, as a society and as a specie. It is BIG! I am so proud and honored to have been able to study along these amazing teachers but also along these omdoula students, all driven by the mission of making the world a better place, creating kinder human connections and supporting babies unconditionally in their arrival in the world”.  Amélie Patrux – 2018 student

Accredited and certified by The Australian Doula College and Yoga Alliance

The training is 150 hours, including birth attendance or 100 hours without birth attendance.  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are available with Yoga Alliance for the yoga study portions of the training.  This course is accredited with Yoga Alliance for Post-Graduate Certification in Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga.  The Australia Doula College also recognises and certifies the training. Upon completion you will receive a certificate and details of how to register with your chosen governing body.

Note re: Yoga Alliance - in order to obtain the Post-Graduate Certification from Yoga Australia you need to have completed a 200 hour Level 1 teacher training.

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