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Veronica Forster - Birth & Postpartum Doula

Completed course: 2020

I’m Veronica, Ronii, Ron or Vee - a certified birth and postpartum doula.

My awareness of birth doulas came to light when I heard a passionate speaker talk about the experience of preparing women for the birth of their children, supporting them throughout labour and guiding them through the first few weeks of motherhood. That made me reflect on my own birth experiences and even though I felt positive and supported, so much was shaped by my lack of knowledge and absence of choice. It became clear what I may have done differently and where my power dropped. I felt so strongly about wanting to change that for women. This was the pivotal moment when I knew that being a doula was for me.

Birth is such a sacred event in your life. My driving force is to enable you as a pregnant woman to feel empowered and capable: not only before and during your unique and personal birth experience but also as motherhood envelops you either for the first time, or again. I see myself as your companion and guide during that time.

What you deserve is to:

• Feel safe in trusting your instincts and your body, free from judgement

• Have the knowledge and clarity to make informed decisions that suit your vision

• Feel empowered to make them

• Have those present who will support, love and validate you through it all

What you want from your birth and beyond is beautifully personal and so different to the next woman.

Equally different may be the support you’re after. You may want to release the roar of your female warrior; to navigate the medical system; to strive for desired birth outcomes – or even just understand them; to feel supported if at risk of an unexpected outcome; to have support and guidance for your partner; or to have a reliable companion during your postnatal period. You may want some or all of the above!

Whatever shape your needs come in, wherever the location and however your story unfolds, it would my privilege to bring compassion, knowledge, reassurance, calmness, a listening ear and an open heart.

I’m here for you.


Metro Melbourne, VIC



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