Tracey Rusden - End Of Life Doula

Cmpleted Training: 2021

Other Modalities: Nursing, therapeutic massage, mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy

My name is Tracey and I am an end of life doula.

I live in southern Tasmania on my small farm with my youngest daughter “Stella”, dog “Charlie”, alpaca’s and chickens.

I am naturally drawn to helping those in need, having worked closely with people requiring some type of assistance my entire work life.

I am caring and compassionate by nature with the ability to incorporate professionalism, love and laughter in my person-centered approach to providing individualized holistic services to my clients and their loved ones.

I was forced to face my own mortality one day short of my 46th birthday with a life changing diagnosis of a chronic illness, which until this decade was terminal. My mindset has been affected in that I am now able to appreciate the importance of us all having our “affairs in order”. My mind was flooded with panic at not having an updated Will or any Advanced Care Planning even considered. It occurred to me that if I was to suddenly enter an acute phase of my illness, I would need to have made these arrangements to ensure my children, animals and assets were protected, not only for my family's financial benefit but to prevent my older children and family being forced into needing to make decisions on my behalf should I not have capacity.

My 20 years of Nursing has nurtured growth of a diverse skill set. I have significant experience in many health care settings.

My passion to deliver person centered holistic support to those nearing their end of life has driven my transition to focusing on being a part of the solution in our community toward filling the gap in our current end of life health care model.

As an end of life doula, I am dedicating my skills to working alongside our trusted palliative care and hospice teams to complement their formal services to ensure Tasmanians have access to a complete end of life experience and the best care possible.

I am a strong advocate for every adult having conversations around “our end of life wishes”. These discussions with family and loved ones are crucial to ensure our wishes for medical directives/decisions, end of life care choices, body care and burial/ cremation preferences are known and documented. Having completed these steps has certainly filled me with a sense of accomplishment and bought immense relief that when my time arrives, my family will have the space to be present emotionally not having to face the tough decisions.

I feel honored to be offering end of life doula services to my community. I am a passionate advocate for educating community members to ensure they have communicated their end of life wishes to their loved ones and completed their advanced care plan.

My role is to provide relevant information, resources and support to enable my clients make informed choices. You, as the client are in full control of the level of support you seek from your doula. My services may be requested for information gathering, advanced life care planning assistance, and/or I can be at your side during your final moments supporting you and your loved ones, these choices are yours alone.

I welcome you to reach out for an initial conversation to meet me and decide if I am suited to you, your loved ones and your needs. I will always provide referrals to other organizations, health services and providers if that is decided to be in your best interest.