Suzanne Gorman - End Of Life Doula

Completed course: 2020

Other Modalities: Registered Nurse

I am Suzanne and it would be a privilege to be your end of life partner.

I had a calling to become an End of Life Doula following my parents’ deaths in 2018/2019.

Since that time, my desire has been to provide people facing the end of their lives and/or their loved ones, the tools, so they can be reassured that they will die with grace, dignity and peace, and where possible, at home. Also, to provide companionship, so no one has to be alone as they transition out of this world.

My Doula work is strengthened by my 30+ years as a Registered Nurse, which included many years spent in the area of death and dying in the hospital setting.

As your end of life partner, I will be by your side, in any capacity you choose, as you will be in control. Examples of how I can support you or your loved one, include:

- Pre-death planning (de-cluttering, writing lasting messages, documenting your life’s highlights, and dying, death care and funeral wishes)

- Being present during the dying process

- Guidance in the provision of after death care

I am a caring and compassionate person who also brings laughter and love to my Doularing.

Most importantly, I am very passionate about this space. I believe death is a sacred and beautiful part of life, so it is a privilege for me to support others and be included in someone’s final journey.

Hornsby, NSW