Sunita - End Of Life Doula

Completed training: May 2020

Other modalities: Healing, Mediumship, Soul Coaching

Other languages: Punjabi/Hindi

Her passion is working with people to help facilitate their growth and connect them to themselves. She has worked with hundreds of people teaching them how to connect to their soul purpose and own intuition, develop their mediumship or healing. She loves working with people with disabilities and animals.


Working as and healer can be about identifying the underlying cause or to compliment conventional treatment. Healing is the field she is passionate about and has worked with people and animals who are physically sick. She also assists people in their healing journey as we can be ‘unwell’ in other areas such as spiritually, mentally or emotionally. She loves bringing you clarity around the cause on every level as it is not just physical.

End of Life Doula

Working with people and animals on their final journey and transition to the next world is a sacred part of healing work.

This is a topic we do not openly talk about especially in the Western culture. Many indigenous tribes and cultures have special rituals and ceremonies for the passing and the funeral. This is usually about the transition into the Spirit world, a safe passage and sometimes even a celebration.

This healing work is very different, as this is about working with the person making the transition, often the family and the Spirit world during the transition. As a Medium, the messages that come back from those who have passed are often around reassuring the ones left behind about the death and dying process.

Willetton, Western Australia