Sheree Leader - End Of Life Doula

Completed training: 2020

Other modalities: Reiki, Chakra clearing, Essential Oils

I was naturally drawn and felt a calling to become an End of Life Doula after a life time of careers in the medical field, working first as a nurse then in Ambulance Service Communications.  I progressed to becoming an Educator and Manager before finally leaving that hectic work environment behind.  I wanted to get back to engaging directly with my community, offering help where I think support, education and guidance is needed most.  

It also happens to be where my biggest passion lays - surrounding death and dying and to be of service where and when I can.  Whether that's helping to get legal documentation in place, organising assistance and support for the traveller at home, sharing information and options and implementing if needed, vigiling, communicating to friends or family, performing sacred rituals or after death body care.  I consider it a great privilege and honour to walk beside the traveller and to be in service at this sacred time.  

Let's start a conversation about what you or your loved one wishes and what's available to support you in preparation for the end of life journey.

Pottsville, NSW