Shana Liem - Birth & Postnatal Doula

Completed Training: 2020

Other Languages: Mandarin

Other Modalities: High vibrational/Spirit healing

Hi mamas, papas, friends and family!

I am Shana and I am here to walk this exciting (yet nerve-wrecking) journey alongside you. Life has trained me to be a doula - all the lessons in my life up until now have equipped me with the skills needed to create a nurturing and supportive environment as you grow your baby, bring them into this world and care for them. I believe my role is to light the lamp when it gets dark for you. No matter which way you go, I will be there with you every step of the way. With your permission, I would love to see and hear you for who you are. There is no other way to be other than the freedom to be yourself.

All my services are customised to honour your needs, wishes and circumstances; packages are lovingly crafted after a free consult. If you have any questions about me and/or what I can offer you, please email or text me and we can set up a time to chat. My website is coming soon!

Continuous support from me looks like:

+ Physical and emotional presence: providing a sense of security to enable you to remain focused; freedom to express yourself in a compassionate space

+ Physical support: employing comfort measures such as birthing positions, massage, touch, breathing techniques that ensure your physical needs are met

+ Emotional support: including affirmative words, reassurance, showing sensitivity, and talking to enhance self-trust, confidence and inner strength

+ Evidence-based information: to become aware of processes you are curious about that may help you make informed decisions

+ Advocacy: establish communication with your care providers and strengthen the spirit of togetherness in the birthing room

+ Meals upon request

My qualifications include a Master of Public Health from the University of Melbourne, a qualified high vibrational/spirit healer and yoga teacher training (200 hours). I am currently studying prenatal massage, and the science behind the mind-body connection. I am also involved in a psychic development and mediumship circle. Before I started doula-ing, I worked as an oral health therapist and moved onto a non-profit that focused on public health partnerships.

Port Melbourne, VIC

0438 917 617