Ruth Reinhard - End Of Life Doula

Completed course: 2020

Other Modalities: Funeral Celebrant, Reiki, Crystal healing, Meditation practices

Hello, I’m Ruth

From opposite ends of the spectrum of life experiences, I travel life events with you!

Queensland has been my home since 1995 after moving my family up from my home state of NSW. My service heart is a reflection of my parents who were involved in our community in western NSW during my upbringing.

My celebrant work commenced in 2008 when I become a registered Marriage Celebrant and in more recent years, training to become a Funeral Celebrant. Opposite ends of the spectrum of life experiences for sure, but I always feel so privileged when clients choose me to travel these significant life events with them.

With a long held desire to change the way we think about death and dying I knew that my learning in this space was not yet finished. After volunteering in a hospice some years back, it quietly fuelled my desire in the palliative care space and eventually to become an End of Life Doula. I am excited and honoured to be part of a world-wide movement that is passionate and committed to gently reversing the trend towards outsourcing death and dying and to bring it back to a more heart centred and family orientated journey. Surely, we all deserve that.

I love that I am able to offer alternative therapies to my doula practice when requested, including Reiki and crystal healing, essential oils and meditation that may provide comfort and nurturing to those on a journey of transition and for those who care for them.

If my family and friends were to describe me, I hope they would say I’m kind, compassionate, authentic, passionate with a sprinkling of humour.

Alderley, QLD