Robin Thomas - End Of Life Doula

Completed training: 2020

Other modalities: Counselling, grief and trauma.

I am excited to have registered with the Australian Doula College as an End of Life Doula.  I have been on a journey of providing support to families, friends and community members for many years.  As they faced the challenges of retaining their independence along with the uncertainties that come from a life changing diagnosis I have been by their side.

Following the death of my mother in February 2019 I travelled to Spain with my husband for the holiday of a lifetime.  While staying in the beautiful city of Barcelona, where the sounds of families enjoying each other echoed well into the night I had a vivid dream in which Mum spoke to me.  She called to me to take on this role so that my skills and experience could be shared with others in need.

Embracing death isn’t always something we find easy which makes sense given the deep attachments we have to our lives and the living.  Family members have their own struggles as they learn to adjust expectations and hopes and work towards making the most of the here and now.  Navigating such changes in life takes trust and courage both in yourself, and in the people around you.  My family, friends and colleagues have described me as supportive and dependable.

As an End of Life Doula, I am there to help you when your life has been turned upside down and the future looks uncertain.  With my counselling background I am able to provide you with sensitive and thoughtful support and I am trained in the use of life story and legacy work.  Through my extensive experience working in the community sector and with doctors, I am able to provide guidance to you as you link in with the supports required to sustain your independence and quality of life.

At the end I can be there to calm your fears and provide you with the reassurance that everything is happening as it should.  I am also able to coordinate, and support end of life celebrations planned by family and friends to ensure their wishes for themselves and for the departed are met.  Most importantly I am able to provide you with information so that you know what choices are available to you that reflect your uniqueness and what you value.

Just as in the beginning, the ending of our lives is full of potential.  It is a time to reflect, to embrace the living and to let go.  Just as we have been led to celebrate the birth of a new life it is equally important to bear witness and salute the ending of a life.  It would be an honour and privilege to be of service to you at this time.

Woombah, NSW


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