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Rani Vincent - End of Life Doula, Wollongong, NSW

What services do you provide? End of Life Support, Advanced Care Planning, End of Life Vigil Services

Languages spoken: English

Hi and Welcome!

It is SUCH an honuor that you have landed here… I am Rani Vincent, End of Life Doula (AKA Death Doula); a non-medical support who is devoted to guiding and supporting you + your loved ones through dying death and grief with grace, gentleness and presence. Death has weaved it’s way through the very tapestry of my being from an early age, gifting me with many invaluable experiences.

My own journey with death started at the tender age of 9, after I experienced the first of three catastrophic brain hemorrhages following a school yard sporting accident in 1996. In an instant, my childhood (and life) was permanently altered in ways beyond my innocent comprehension at the time. It was here, that I met the very edges of life, and journeyed intimately with my own death - An experience that would change the course of my life in a multitude of profound ways. It was also here, that I would learn the true meaning of resilience, as I navigated total paralysis down the right side of my body (I was right side dominant), amnesia, epilepsy, learning difficulties and a myriad of other effects of the injuries that I sustained (many of which are still present in my life today).

Life then gifted me with two more brain hemorrhages (another within the same year as my first and one in 2017 at 30 years old). Each bringing with it, another opportunity to BE WITH my own mortality It was within these experiences that I learnt about the fragile nature of this gift called life, and the importance of living (…I mean truly living, not just existing!) So, I took these lessons and immersed myself into experiencing as much of what life has to offer + pursuing what brings me joy and contentment, knowing that there will come a time for me to draw my last breath… Until then,

I get the deep honour of guiding + supporting others as they navigate the end of their lives. I bring with me a wealth of experience, a deep passion for educating + supporting people, along with weaving my heart gracefully through the most tender of spaces.

With Gratitude and Love, Rani

Rani Vincent - End of Life Doula, Wollongong, NSW


Wollongong, NSW

Phone0439 678 967

Completed Training: 2024


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