Paulette D'Argent - Birth & Postnatal Doula

Completed training: 2017

Other modalities: Social worker, post-partum doula, relaxation massage therapist.

I believe that birth is a rite of passage, it is the intense transition from maiden to mother, from mother to being a mother again and again. It is a time of a woman's life that is sacred, raw and enlightening, but also a time when a woman can remove her mask and, with the right supports and environment can let go and be at her most vulnerable. I am the woman who holds that space for you, I am the silent rock in the room, the constant peaceful nurturer who will be beside you and your partner, or, if you decide, purely you.

If a woman has knowledge of what her beautiful body, her mind, her soul and most importantly of what her baby requires from her in her birth space she will be at her most powerful and open to what may be in her birth space. Most importantly, I love to watch an informed woman make her own choices during birth in the setting of her choice and then hearing how much this meant to her, lights me UP! Bearing witness to all of this and more is an honor and privilege, and something that I hold with much respect. I am a heart centered certified birth doula and also Post-partum doula. A Social Worker BSW (hons) with a trauma informed lens and have vast on the ground experience working beside vulnerable pregnant women within a major Health Model, therefore I have a deep understanding of birth trauma and also birth worker trauma and the impacts of this on a womans life and lineage. I also hold a Cert IV in tactile therapies qualified in Massage therapy. My current roleis at the Australian Doula College as the Doula Services Manager.

Berwick, VIC