Natalie Harris - Birth & Postnatal Doula

Completed course: 2017

Other modalities of practice: Birth and postpartum doula, Childbirth educator.

Natalie Harris is a qualified and compassionate doula and childbirth educator  who was trained by the Australian Doula College in Sydney. Natalie mostly services the Illawarra region, though also extends her services to Campbelltown and the Sutherland Shire.

Natalie is also Wollongong's online Beer and Bubs presenter, a pub session for expectant dads (and birth partners) to help them prepare in a practical ways to support their partner through the birth of their child, and to prepare for fatherhood. There is a lot of pressure on dads at the moment in the times of Covid 19, due to hospital policies and restrictions around only 1 support person at birth. Natalie presents this casual session once per month at the pub to help fill this gap.

Natalie spent most of her life touring the world as a trapeze artist, stunt woman and operating her own entertainment company, until the birth of her own child when she realised the importance of being surrounded by loving support at this important time and felt drawn to the world of birth work. Following her true calling Natalie is now fondly known in her local area of Thirroul as the ‘hula doula’ - offering hands-on and empathetic antenatal, birth and postpartum support.

As a doula Natalie offer's continuous care to mothers and partners, before, during and after the birth of their babies in a non-judgemental and nurturing way, wherever and however each mother chooses to birth. She provides a safe space for you to discuss all aspects of birthing and can present balanced information to help you to find your voice and make your own choices for your birthing experience.

Birth is a rite of passage where women transition to motherhood. This transition can often be momentous and life changing requiring much thought, love, tenderness, preparation and support. There is now evidence to show that doulas can greatly improve birth and postpartum mental health outcomes: *

During your pregnancy Natalie spend's time getting to know you and your partner, building rapport, learning your needs, your fears and your support network so she can meet your needs on the day of your baby's birth and work through any challenges with you. Natalie will help you define your birth preferences. Birth does not always go according to plan, so it is important for you and your support team to be well informed of your wishes.

As your doula Natalie will hold the space for you and look after the logistics so that you can focus on going within. It can be challenging to see the person you love going through the intensity of child birth, thus Natalie will also be there for your birth partner, freeing them up to be focused and completely present for you, while receiving whatever support they may need.

In the postpartum period Natalie is also there to help you with feeding, wrapping, bathing, settling, organising food rosters and generally integrating a baby into your life while pampering and supporting you emotionally and de-briefing your birth experience.’



0409 860 775

Facebook/Instagram: @natalieharrisdoula