Narelle Hart - End Of Life Doula

Completed training: 2017

Other modalities: Reiki, Digital Storytelling

My service to you comes straight from the heart...let's get back to what we know - A holistic service empowering us to travel a deeper, more peaceful journey with death, dying, funerals and ultimately, grief.

I'm bringing to you my passion for service. What I've learned from both formal and informal doula work is each moment at end of life is deeply emotional, personal and defining, deserving our full attention. We can see each moment as precious, even where there is great emotional pain and suffering. We can 'be present' to someone in their dying process and after death by tapping into our innate ability for love and compassion. It's built into us, it's our human response. Let's cultivate these abilities to usher the ones we love, and ourselves, towards our inevitable deaths. Love is our greatest gift to each other. Love is our guide on this journey from life to death. Let love shine a light on all our fears.

It is my intention to support you and your family to build your resources and reserves to travel the road towards death with more room for choice and peace on this extremely raw and incredibly intense journey. Whether that's through capturing a precious story or through end of life and/or after death planning and care, you will encounter my support as authentic, compassionate, resourceful and meaningful, meeting you exactly where you are on your journey.

Bellbrook, NSW