Monica Spinaze - End Of Life Doula

Completed training: 2018

Other modalities: Wellbeing Sciences, Counselling

My Background

My history includes 30 years employed in the health care industry as a registered nurse with experience in

• intensive care nursing

• renal nursing

• general medical and surgical nursing

• aged care

• research in bereavement and cardiac consequences.

My education includes

• Post Grad Cert in intensive care nursing

• Post Grad Degree in counselling

• Masters Degree in clinical research

• End of Life Doula Training

Why did I decide to become a Doula?

As a nurse, looking after dying people and their families, I realised that more support and assistance was needed that I, in my time poor role, was unable to offer. As a doula I can step into this space to assist the dying and bereaved to navigate this special and important time in their lives.

I have a great love of humanity and I am always amazed at the strength people demonstrate when dealing with adversity and grief. As we are unafraid to be born so should we be able to approach death, not as a fear but as an acceptance of our mortality. If we can embrace this gracefully we can discover that sorrow and bereavement, whilst painful, can be a time of growth.

How long have I been a doula?

I completed the initial doula training in 2018 and continue to attend further related education events. I believe, with my background in nursing and counselling, and my own personal experiences of witnessing the death of close friends and relatives, that I have the underlying qualities of empathy, openness, respect and maturity to be a doula for others.

Tullera, NSW