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Michelle Boniwell - End of Life Doula

Completed Training: May 2023

I am Michelle Boniwell, an End of Life Doula located in Sydney NSW. I offer my time and energy to those at their end of life, those recently diagnosed as having limited time on this Earthly plane, as well as associated family and friends.

My services include but are not limited to:

  • Holistic support in a spiritual, non spiritual or religious way

  • Emotional support and guidance

  • Advocating your needs and assisting communication between family, friends, neighbours, health care and other service teams, hospice and funeral directors

  • Attending appointments with you

  • Guided meditations for relaxation and soul healing

  • Vigil, Aftercare planning and directives - your wishes and preferences

  • Creating legacy projects and memories

  • Funeral care plan and After death plan - including wake, funeral, burial, cremation, shrouds, and sustainable alternatives

  • Bereavement support - follow up visits with family members if requested

Allow me to hold space and guide you, as we prepare your mind, body and soul on this sacred journey. May our souls connect so that healing can take place on all levels of your being. I will help consolidate your affairs, transmuting any of your fears and lovingly support you in every step of the way.

I have a unique set of gifts that allow me to open your heart for healing and the ability to cleanse and clear your energy. I am able to show you how to transform consciousness as apart of the death process, and provide a platform to move through any burdens, both physical and non-physical.

I am ultimately here to assist you in your soul healing and ascension. As what we heal within ourselves, we heal within our ancestral line. I am honoured to be of service at this sacred time of your life. May the light shine through you and beyond. I am Michelle Boniwell, heart led and divinely sent.

To connect with me, please email or visit my website


Sydney, NSW



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