Kirstie May - Birth & Postnatal Doula

Completed Training: 2020

Other Modalities: Mindfulness and breathe work.

The call to become a Doula came in strong after the birth of my first daughter, Astrid. It was a long and wild ride, but also such a positive and transformational experience for me and nothing like I had ever known before.

We had sort of stumbled into having a Doula with us for her birth, and I feel forever grateful to whatever stars aligned to make that happen for us. I don’t know what our birth story would have looked like without her there, I can only speak of what was.

As I ventured tentatively into new Mum land, I soon realised that this was not the common experience of so many women around me. The passion was ignited right there and I believe wholeheartedly that there is the need for a shift in how we as a culture in the West approach Birth.

Women are incredible creatures with power beyond our knowing. We are blessed with the gift of creating, growing and birthing new life and this is nothing short of magic.

This transition and time in our lives should be given due respect, attention, preparation and celebration.

And so here I am, 4 years and another baby later, here to stand by you and your family to support you fully in your birth journey, from a place of compassion and non-judgement. To walk beside you, helping you make informed decisions along the way and preparing for this amazing time in your lives both emotionally and physically.

It is a pleasure and honour to be doing this work.

Bright, Victoria