Kaye Grubb - End Of Life Doula

Completed course: June 2020

Other modalities of practice: Meditation, Reiki, Emotional Balance & Coherence Training

My name is Kaye Grubb. I live just near Fremantle on the coast in Western Australia. I come

from a seafaring family and the ocean and her ways have shaped me as a person and

informed the way I see the world and how I operate in life. I am no stranger to storms, in

both a physical weather sense but also in a lived personal experience sense. I have come to

know that our lives consist of many ‘seasons’, some days are all sunshine and light breezes,

others are an assault on our senses –requiring us to use all our skills in order to just survive

the day and we can find ourselves seeking to hide away and surround ourselves with

warmth and comfort. Whatever may come, we are on this journey and must ‘trim our sails,

adjust our rudder, perhaps batten down the hatches” or simply enjoy the calms and

sunshine when we can. All of it is good, normal and necessary and part of this human


I hold a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and in Behavioural Science. My

undergraduate degree was begun in preparation to become a Doctor, a path I eventually

steered away from, deciding to follow my passions for helping people in ways that support

them with both science and spirituality. I am a dedicated yoga practitioner and meditator. I

studied for one year to become a Meditation Teacher, am currently studying Reiki and the

wonderful ways it can support us and through the HeartMath Foundation have been trained

in and can show you how to easily use the latest scientifically researched and proven

techniques to quickly find a sense of emotional control, calmness and resilience. In mid 2020 I completed my End of Life Doula training. During my internship and at several precious times in hospital based training and during my own family’s personal experiences I was privileged to witness the magnitude of peace and comfort that one special caring and

knowledgeable person can bring to a another as they are approaching their end of life. This

stirred something in my soul that resonated with my vision for what I wanted to bring to this world. It is my passion to be there for people as they come to the end of their life time, to ease the way for them to leave in the most peaceful and comforted way possible, to provide safety and support to them and to allow them to experience this time in love and

connection to those they care about the most. If I can be that anchor of safety and support

for someone who does not have significant others to be beside them then it would be my

honor to do so.

I am a warm and caring person who has a strong desire to help others understand the

death process and for them to journey through dying as calmly, peacefully and respectfully

as possible. My goal is to listen carefully to you to understand who you are, what your

personal values are and to help you to one day experience your death in a way that is the

most comforting, supportive and dignified in your eyes. I am here to champion your wishes

and to help you ensure your death is a more easeful and loving experience for you and for

those you care about. Through my experience and training in various medical settings and

via my own personal experiences of being with dying loved ones I have witnessed both the

good and the bad possibilities in the end of life journey. I want to help you make sure you,

and those around you, avoid the all too frequent pitfalls of regret, misunderstanding,

confusion, fear and unnecessary expense. I can step in at any time.

You may simply (and cleverly) be wanting to plan for your end of life well ahead of time so

you will then have the freedom to enjoy your life without the worry of what might befall

your loved ones should you die unexpectedly. Such pre-planning also gives you the peace of

mind that you will have the freedom in your last moments to just be experiencing what is

most important to you, without having to worry about dealing with the legal and practical

‘stuff’ in what can be a highly emotional and stressful time for all concerned should these

things not be in place beforehand. It is a true gift to your family and loved ones to save

them from having to try to think of essential practicalities while they are trying to deal with

their loss. It may be that you have received a diagnosis or other warning that you may need

to prepare for your death before too long. This can be an incredibly overwhelming time.

You will most likely have many questions and perhaps no clue as to where to look for the

answers. You may be feeling shock, fear, anxiety and sadness, as may your family and

friends. Together we can quickly find some answers and pathways to support for you and

your family. I will thoughtfully do everything I can to make this time easier for you by

seeing to the immediate practicalities that you need to have you freer to feel into your own

personal thoughts and emotions. As your Doula I can help you discover options and

possibilities while also supporting your conversations with medical teams and providing

support to family and friends. I will relieve your burdens in any way I can using my

knowledge and experience allowing you to focus on your living right up to your final

moments and then I can be there to assist your family with bereavement support, funeral

arranging and to assist them in healthy grieving.

I will help you to know exactly what official and legal documentation needs to be arranged

as well as assisting you, if you wish, to prepare more ‘personal’ documents such as Letter to

Your Executor, Emotional Will, personal letters and memoirs. If you don’t already have a

lawyer to assist with and officiate these documents I can easily arrange this for you,

including bedside visits by a caring and compassionate professional.

To support the medical professionals that are doing their utmost to provide the very best

medical care and relief to you is very important to me. Your medical team can do their best

work when they have a Doula to help them know you and your values and wishes. Their

time is stretched to its limits and their skills and focus are best utilized doing what they are

trained to do. Communication is key to achieving the best outcomes for you and I am here

to facilitate this vital communication, between you, your medical staff, your carers, your

family and friends. I am familiar with and comfortable in any medical setting and I am

familiar with medical terminology and process. I will be there support your family and

friends to ease their burdens and to give them the freedom to experience their grief in a

healthy way at this precious time.

I have a strong sense of empathy and a generous capacity for compassion and

understanding. Backed up by my university studies, experience and training in various

medical settings, further training in meditation, emotional balance and heart coherence

and other supportive practices I feel I am well equipped to realise my mission and passion

to help as many people as possible to journey through the end of their lives feeling

empowered, understood, valued, comfortable, peaceful and loved.

I believe each and every one of us has the right to die with dignity, respect and with the

comforts and surroundings that mean the most to us. I am also passionate about helping

you to have the peace of knowing that you have done as much as you can to relieve your

family and loved ones of as much angst, fear, stress, confusion, regret and unnecessary

financial stress as you can. It is my promise to you that I will do all of this in a non-assuming and non-judgmental way. At university I studied Theology for six months, giving me a broad understanding and respect for all religions and beliefs and I strive to be culturally sensitive at all times.

We actively and enthusiastically plan for the significant events in our lives in order to make

them the best we can, we can gain so much peace from placing the same emphasis on

planning our end of life. Allow me to show you how.

“We cannot control the storm, but we can trim the sails”. (Cora L.V. Hatch)

Yangebup, Western Australia