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Frederique Bentley - End of Life Doula, Northcote, Victoria

Completed Training: 2023

What services do you provide? End of Life Support, Advanced Care Planning, End of Life Vigil Services

Languages spoken: English, French

“We all try to live as fully as possible, but death comes to us all.”

“Can dying become the dignified and peaceful surrendering of a life …?’

“Can those who walk along the dying become a meaningful part of their final journey?"

"Are you struggling with denial, fear or despair and worry about those you leave behind?"

As a general medical practitioner, I have had years of experience attending to individuals and their families confronted with illness and dying. In retirement, I have personally supported friends and relatives at the end of their life and witnessed how difficult this was for all involved. Feeling drawn to assist people non medically at the end of their life, I have retrained as an End-of-life Doula.

My aim is to encourage the best possible circumstances to achieve a "good death" …. a good death being the one according to your choices and your hopes. I can play a role in education and counselling around all matters and practicalities related to dying. Encourage discussions around emotional wills, legacy, end of life planning and directives. Be available to respond to a crisis if there is a sudden unexpected death. Provide road maps at the onset of a terminal illness with guidelines as frailty and dependence set in. Liaise with healthcare teams or social networks on your behalf and with your consent. Assist your carers to create a nurturing environment in the home or any other facilities.

As an End-of-life Doula, I am able to play a special role during the last days of dying, trying to encourage an atmosphere of serenity and acceptance of "letting go". I am also committed to supporting your intimate circle as they farewell you and mourn through the funeral and memorial rites. I have a practical, thoughtful, good-humoured manner adapting to an individuals’ wishes and personality whatever their frames of reference might be. I have additional expertise in counselling, hypnotherapy and have completed a training in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

I live in Melbourne and work primarily in the Northern and Inner-city suburbs. I can also connect with people further away via phone or video call to provide education and guidance. Fees generally start around $60-$80/hour. End of life packages are also available. Contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss your individual situation and assess if I am the right person for you.

Lauren Wilkinson - Birth and Postpartum Doula, Sydney, NSW
Frederique Bentley - End of Life Doula Doula, Northcote, Victoria


Northcote, Victoria

0425 717 464


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