Karelle Russell - Full Spectrum Doula

Completed Training: 2008

Other Modalities: Pregnancy massage therapist, Closing Of The Bones Therapist, Holistic wellness Coach, Clinical Aromatherapist, Registered Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner

In all that I do when I hold space for a birthing mum is to be there beside her, offering her kindness, warmth, understanding, a nurturing loving touch, and a safe place for her to connect deeply into her inner knowing, her soulful presence, inner light and strength. I have now been a Doula for 15yrs and it's a part of my life that I love sharing with women and their families of all ages.

As a Pregnancy Massage Therapist, I also get to meet many women during their journey to becoming a mum, sometimes at preconception, sometimes through the early stages of miscarriage, from some sad moments of the heartfelt loss of their baby at birth to the joy of all being pregnant and then to hold their precious little ones, and some then return with their stories to be honoured, to be heard and to be seen. Within all that I do, I bring many years of what I have learnt professionally in my training and from the women and their families that have shared their stories with me close by, in the community and around the world., I work on The Northern Beaches of Sydney offering mobile Pregnancy Massage and Aromatherapy, I teach massage and relaxation for birth, and offer family Reiki before and after the birth at home.

I love what I do and a feeling of serenity, a kind smile and the pillars of strength, and a touch of laughter are always happily shared.

Northern Beaches, NSW

0402 021 232