Charlotte Skyla Westerlumdh - End Of Life Doula

Completed training: 2019

Other modalities: Reiki, naturopathy and coaching

Other languages: Swedish, Spanish

I am just getting started. It's 2019 and I am 43 now, I don't think I could have started any earlier than now, my interpersonal 'structure' would not have been ready. My life has brought me here now though, and I am ready. Becoming and End of Life Doula was simply the next obvious step for me in my career. I have been a Naturopath for over fourteen years and a Reiki practitioner for twenty years, and last year I wanted to broaden my way of being of service within the alternate health industry; becoming an End of Life Doula was the next logical step for me. In my personal spiritual practice, birth and death have always been two polarised markers of the beginning and the end of a human's life experience on Earth, but not so for our consciousness which is eternal. Although I am aware that not everyone share my understanding in this, this is where I find my calm, solace and strength in times of turmoil, grief and stress. This his is also where my passion for advocating death literacy stems from. We give ceremony to many things in our life, but it seems when we come to death, we approach this 'just as important milestone' in our life in a different way, and often with a little bit of denial and handing over personal power to others due to confusion and not knowing how to approach the process of dying. Just like births, one death is not like another, the experience really comes down to the psychic nature and energy of the individual who is dying, as well as the surrounding people experiencing the loss of a loved one. I'd like to see it as my offering as an End of Life Doula, to be able to support in a way where each individual can find their own clarity, inner strength and wisdom about their own mortality, so that they can consciously choose their own process of dying, and also die consciously at the very moment they breathe their last breath. I am intuitive and wired to be kind, diplomatic and accept people’s differences. I am also good at setting healthy boundaries and am quite pragmatic.

Blackheath, NSW