Beth McDonald - Birth & Postnatal Doula

Completed training: 2017

Other modalities: Womb and Fertility Massage Therapist, Hypnobirthing Supportive Caregivers Training

Hey Mamas, I'm Beth,

I have four beautiful children and through my own pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences I have become dedicated to supporting other families during these chapters.  I had never heard of a Doula before and was expressing my desire to have a role in the birthing space where I could assist women to feel safe, comfortable, valid and loved; that was when a friend told me about the work of Doulas.  After moving to Geelong in 2014, I decided to realise that dream and enrolled with the college in 2016.  I have never been so in love with and inspired by education as I have been by this course.  It has been so exciting to be a part of parents lives in such an honourable and humbling way.

I am passionate about the power of relevant prenatal information, nurturing parents mental health and preparing for a positive postnatal recovery.

I am here for every birth for every woman.

Barwon Heads, VIC


Instagram/Facebook: @popbelliesdoula