Anne Young - End Of Life Doula

Completed course: October 2017

Other modalities of practice: Reiki 1, Massage feet & hands, Foot soaks (with aromatherapy)

Previously been a palliative care volunteer for 13 years.  Dedicated and passionate advocate for those who are overwhelmed about their end of life.  Living in comfort without pain is paramount for every one.  Being with those who are facing their end of life can be overwhelming, unsure, often frightening.  Many feel isolated at this stage  of life.   To share these emotions is such a personal connection.  My aim is to do my utmost for those who are facing their end of life journey. Using my starter cards – “Your Life Wishes” & “Your Life Story” sourced by Your Life Talks are an easy and comfortable way should the client like to have their story written.  A warm foot soak works wonders.  Removing some of the unknown and embracing our lives together is rewarding & comfortable for all.  Completed the 4 day intensive Preparing the Way course sharing of knowledge.  To gain as much knowledge about End of LIfe Doula work, I completed an intense 4 day "Preparing the Way" course in Melbourne.  

Williamstown North, VIC