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"If I should die, and leave you here a while,
Be not like others sore undone,
who keep long vigils by the silent dust and weep.
For my sake, turn again to life, and smile,
Nerving thy heart, and trembling hand to do
Something to comfort weaker hearts than thine,
Complete these dear unfinished tasks of mine,
And I, perchance, may therein comfort you!"

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20 Minute Grief Yoga Class

Image by Sunny Wang

Bereavement Practices in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Organising Support From Friends And Family

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Funeral Planning - Natural Death and Advocacy Network

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Supporting Someone Who Is Grieving.

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Understanding Funeral Options

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10 Myths about Palliative Care

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Preparing For A Death Away From Home

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Dying At Home

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Death Valley

The Australian Doula College

End Of Life Doula Masterclass

As we move to educate Doulas on working in a variety of spaces we have created an End of Life Doula Masterclass. This informative, passionate look at death and dying and how you can transfer your skills to work in the end of life space is a journey for the Doula.   This Masterclass can be completed in month and will leave you feeling confident and well informed. 


We are thrilled to offer our graduates Masterclasses to grow their practice. 


The Australian Doula College Annual Retreat

February 11th - 13th 2022

Join the Australian Doula College and an incredible line up of guest speakers for our annual retreat at the Crowne Plaza, Hawkesbury Valley NSW