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'Soulful Mummas Singing. Empowerment through song!'

Australian Doula College

1 July 2023

Sign up for a 4 week Antenatal course 'Soulful Mummas Singing. Empowerment through song!'

Our mothership in Marrickville (NSW) is home to classes, courses and so much more.

We are thrilled that @bekjensenmusic of @soulfulmummas Mummas will have her upcoming 'Soulful Mummas Singing. Empowerment through song!' 4 week Antenatal course at our new home.

Dates are: July 19th, July 26th, August 2nd and August 9th - 7:00pm-8.30pm

The course offers a unique experience to get you connected to your voice (and your baby).

❤ Connect to your voice with professional guided techniques

❤ Sing fun songs of many genres harmonising in a group setting

❤ Connect to your baby with authentic expression. Finding your baby’s own song

❤ Reduce tension/stress and feel empowered as you use your voice with clear intent.

​Rebekah Jensen is a Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Doula and Mother.

Soulful Mummas Singing. Empowerment through song! Is a gathering place for ALL people in the birthing community. Connection is what we crave the most and I am all about creating a space for you to feel nurtured, safe, loved and able to fulfil your desires to go within, connect to your soulful self, your baby's soulful self, with other Soulful Mummas and to enjoy life harmoniously.

Special Introductory price of $350 for two people, bring your partner, friend or doula! If this course sounds like you, book your spot today!

If you would like to hire a space in our space, we'd love to have you, you can get more info on our website.

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