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Birth & Postpartum Doula, End Of Life Doula


Surry Hills


Nutritionist, meditation, photography

About me

As a doula and nutritionist, my passion lies in empowering new mothers and providing them with the support they need to navigate the transformative journey of motherhood.

I offer a range of services designed to empower and nurture families as they prepare for the arrival of their baby and set up their home. From birth planning and education to postpartum care and nutrition support, my sessions are designed to give families the tools they need to thrive during this special time. I understand that every mother has unique needs, and I am committed to providing personalised care and attention to support each client on their journey.

Nourishment and nurturing are vital parts of postpartum, and I am passionate about creating nourishing meals with easy, manageable recipes that support the mother’s physical and emotional well-being. If you’re looking for comprehensive doula services and nutrition support to prepare for your baby’s arrival or postpartum, I would be honoured to work with you and support you every step of the way.

My skills and training

Working as a qualified doula since

Dec 1, 2022

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