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End Of Life Doula




About me

I have experienced dying and death in many ways and have felt the deep sense of loss and grief with each one.

From the sudden death of my father, who died as a result of an accident, then my best friend with cancer and most recently my sister who also died of cancer.

I began to think about how I could be of benefit to families, at the end-of-life process. To companion them in whatever stage of pain and suffering they are in, so that I may be of some source of comfort.

This took me to the Olivia Newton John Cancer Centre where I completed the training and became a volunteer in Palliative Care. I spent two and a half years Volunteering, comforting the dying and the grieving families, often just offering a cuppa and chat.

With this experience it was clear that many of the families were unprepared and unaware of their loved ones needs or wants. They were challenged with the dying process, which often made it difficult for others.

My deep interest in becoming of service to all those at end of life led me to train and graduate from the Australian Doula College.

I am now following my heart to help those in need of care, empathy and compassion and act as their advocate to support and comfort the dying and their families.

As you go through this often-bewildering stage in life I can help navigate through legalities, Advanced Care Directives, home/funerals and living wakes.

I bring a compassionate ear, will support you should you choose to die at home and help put systems in place to make that doable and offer a presence during the dying process.

So here I am…… with open arms and an open heart ready to create a safe space for you or your loved ones in the living to dying process.

“You were always there for me with mum and you were amazing and I don’t know what it would have been like without you”……… Cathy

My skills and training

Working as a qualified doula since

Jan 1, 2022

The languages I speak are


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