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Birth & Postpartum Doula




infant massage instruction

About me

Hi! I'm Jenn. I am a recent birth & postnatal doula graduate of the Australian Doula College, and I'm passionate about pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing.

My mission is to empower expectant mums to have the labour and childbirth experience they want, and to help families navigate the first precious months of bub's life outside the womb. I will do what I can to help mum own the process of bringing her child into this world, and to have as positive an experience as possible.

I have experience with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), home and hospital births, infant massage instruction, as well as lots of practice supporting mums & bubs through the trials and joys of early infancy. I'm also available to be a doula for older siblings, to be their dedicated buddy throughout the labour & birth.

I am a wife and a mother, a daughter, sister, aunt and niece, teacher, artist and friend. Besides all things birth, I love books, thrift shopping, spirituality, puzzles, Zentangle and healthy living. Born & raised in Canada, college-educated & married in the US, I've now lived in Georges River for over 10 years and I'm eager to support you in your childbearing process.

My skills and training

Working as a qualified doula since

Feb 22, 2023

The languages I speak are

English, French

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