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Birth & Postpartum Doula




Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program, Ceremony and Ritual including; Closing of the Bones, Belly Binding, Blessingway

About me

I’m a Birth and Postpartum Doula, Hypnobirthing Australia™ Childbirth Educator, and am trained in Birth Trauma debriefing and guidance, and Ceremony and Ritual. I am a Mum of 3 and have also experienced early birth, so I am well versed in navigating this challenging process. Based in Ballina; I service the Ballina / Byron Shire, Tweed Heads and Northern Rivers areas.

I offer face-to-face and online / virtual services and a range of antenatal, childbirth education, and post-natal packages. I know first hand how incredibly important the right kind of pregnancy, birth and postpartum preparation and support is, which is essentially why I got into this line of work. I am deeply passionate about supporting women and their families through their pregnancy, birthing and postpartum journeys and feel excited to be able to share wisdom, experience and resources to support others to make informed choices around childbirth.

Becoming a mother transformed me in so many ways, too many in fact to go into here. But it also really embedded for me the power of the woman’s body, the awe I feel about our species, and the sadness I feel about how, in a lot of places, birth and pregnancy is treated like an illness and has been so medicalised I feel we’ve lost touch of our ability to birth and lost sight of what we can achieve. I believe birth is sacred. I believe that women are powerful and magnificent, and have an innate wisdom that enables them to birth their babies without fear. I believe that over time our society’s approach to birth has meant that some women have been robbed of this sacred, transformational and primal experience and are approaching birth fearful and misinformed. And I believe they deserve to birth with strength, positivity, love and energy around them.

I believe all women can birth from a place of power, and informed choice. I want to live in a world where women understand the capabilities of their bodies, their instinctive primal power, and where they are confident in their ability to grow, birth and raise their children. A world where women are aware of ALL of their options, confident in the choices they can make around childbirth and are coming to those decisions fully informed and supported. I want to co-create a world where women can choose to have the birth THEY want to, however and wherever that may be.

A world where women are empowered, their partners know how best to support them, and where mothers and families are supported every step of the way through their transformation into parenthood; through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I want to be the support that I didn’t have; before, during and after birth. I want to share my experience and knowledge, offer guidance, wisdom, and love. I want to create a village for the women and families I support. I believe there is a big change coming around childbirth and the way we approach the post-natal period and I want not only to be a part of this change, but to help drive it. This is why I do what I do.

My skills and training

Working as a qualified doula since

Jul 19, 2021

The languages I speak are


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