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Birth & Postpartum Doula




About me

Why did you decide to become a Doula? I have always been passionate about helping people but in particular woman and children. I became a mum at a young age and I knew then that I wanted to help ladies become the best mums they could be regardless of their current situation.

What do you find to be the most rewarding part of your role? For me the best part is to see a mum/couple become confident parents. Letting go of fear and doubt and embracing their capabilities through education love and support.

In 25 words or less, I would describe myself as….. I generally am a very positive person always see the good in people. I love to have a laugh and don’t take life too seriously.

I choose to study with the ADC and/or Preparing the Way specifically because…
I came across a podcast ( and heard Renee Adair being featured. The passion and drive that I heard on her voice and the determination to truly make a difference made me fall in love with everything the college stands for.

My skills and training

Working as a qualified doula since

The languages I speak are


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2023 Community Member Badge (1).png


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