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End Of Life Doula




About me

Hello! My name is Elisha, and I am here to offer my end of life services to all people one and all, without prejudice. I believe my journey to this destination was one that was planned a long time ago, and was fully realized as I travelled through life, gained life experience, and began to ask myself some big questions about my life, namely:

1. What are the things that are truly important to me? and,
2. How it is that I can be of service to others for the remainder of my life?

Helping my Great Uncle very closely over the last 6 years concreted in me how important companionship and connection is to the elderly, which prompted me to start my own personal companionship business to work specifically with the elderly, and it was during this time that I stepped into the role of Enduring Power of Attorney and next of kin for him. During this time, I served as his companion, his voice, his eyes, and his ears, and worked with other services in the community to assist him in whatever ways he required to ensure he lived life on his own terms. This included obtaining and helping him to complete legal forms i.e. Enduring Power of Attorney, Will, Advanced Care Plan, forms for a variety of services, organizing and taking to him to appointments, seeking out information and services he enquired about, and working alongside employees within the Health Industry and Government Agencies to help organize and facilitate high level and sustainable living requirements, to support him in continuing to live in his home.
What I learnt most from my Great Uncle though, is just how vital it is to simply “be there”. Be present. Be conscious. Be love. Listen. Connect. Comfort. Care. Provide and seek support for the needs that have been communicated. Provide choices. Support the choices made. Take action to ensure the choices made are fulfilled to meet their required level of need and completion.
It was late in this journey with him that I heard the words, “End of Life Doula”, and I knew straight away that this was the next stage of my journey.
As a volunteer at a local palliative care house, I have also been present for many people weeks, days, and hours prior to transition, and have been deeply touched my many souls.
Allow me to be present, supportive, and available to you and your family in the ways you need, in any capacity that I can, with a heart that is all inclusive and full of unconditional love, compassion, understanding, and empathy, and with a mind that is holistically open to all possibilities and which seeks to understand and explore life and beyond.
I offer my services to you at any point in time, from the time of diagnosis through to the time of transition and beyond. For you, your family, and any other loved ones.
Life is beautiful. Death is a beautiful and memorable transition.
Allow me to walk by your side during this time with love, care, warmth, professionalism, and integrity.
I look forward to connecting with you.
0415 215 257

My skills and training

Working as a qualified doula since

Mar 10, 2023

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