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Birth & Postpartum Doula, End Of Life Doula




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About me

It is imbedded into my blood and soul to serve, honour and support people on their journey through this thing called life.

This passion has lead me to become a full cycle Birth and End of Life Doula with many years of experience supporting women and families to achieve what is important to them through empowerment and education.

My qualifications include birth and post-natal certifications, child birth education, end of life, grief and loss amongst community services and business management degrees.

I am a certified trainer and assessor facilitating Doula training throughout Australia for the Australian Doula College.

Whilst being a Doula myself and training students, my full time job is the Groundwork Program Manager for the Australian Doula College managing the Child and Family Protection unit Australia wide.

I pride myself on guiding women and families to stand strong and confident to experience their journey with informed decision making and consent throughout.

My extensive training compliments my personal experiences that has formed my unconditional compassion and dedication to each and every person I have the honour of holding sacred space for.

My passion really begun to focus on women and families as I embarked on my own journey to start my family, facing hurdles I never knew existed!

I am dedicated to supporting people to strive for their chosen path in all aspects of life from first breath to last breath and everything we face in between.

My skills and training

Working as a qualified doula since


The languages I speak are


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