Become A Member with The Australian Doula College

Become a member Associate Membership

Need support but haven't trained with the ADC

Join as an associate of the Australian Doula College and get unlimited access to our resource and support centre. 

An Associate ADC Membership will offer:

  • Access to our fortnightly webinars as well as the research and support centre. 

  • Two debriefing and/or professional supervision sessions with our caring and experienced Educators and Doulas. Any subsequent debriefing/supervision sessions can be booked at a discounted rate of $66.00 per session.

  • Access to our research and support centre. 


Yearly investment to become an Associate with the ADC is $99.00 (incl. GST) This is a tax deduction for you. 


If you are a Doula working out on your own or a professional person offering general services from the first breath to the last, this is a great opportunity to join our community to receive the ongoing support and education you need to be the best in your business!

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Full Membership

Finished your training with the Australian Doula College?

At the Australian Doula College we strongly believe in the importance of ongoing support and education for our experienced doulas. It is equally as important for women and their families to know that their doula is updating her skills regularly and is a part of a trusted and supportive organisation. Being a member of the ADC is a great way to remain supported and mentored while you are working as a doula. 

It is possible to join our organisation as a full MEMBER once you have completed the ADC foundation Doula Training.

Our membership/mentorship program includes:  

Access to the ADC 24/7 on-call phone

Extremely handy and comforting to have the support of an experienced Doula when you are with your clients


Support from our office and educators

Whether you need to debrief a birth, or you need some general advise, we are here for you.   


Your photo, bio and direct links to your email and socials so clients can reach you directly on our website.

Having your photo and profile on our site is a great way to continue your exposure out in the marketplace.

An ADC membership doula/client agreement for your use

This agreement is great for you to have on hand and be able to use with your clients.


Use of the ADC membership logo

You can use this on your website, letting people know that you are affiliated with the ADC.   


Fortnightly webinars

We have regular, informative and supportive some webinars planned for each year for our members. You will also have access to stream the recording of these webinars through the new ADC resources and support centre.


Two debriefing and/or professional supervision sessions. Any subsequent debriefing/supervision sessions will be available at a discounted rate of $66.00 per session.

Absolutely invaluable as you work with your clients. Being a Doula can be triggering work and not all clients are easy. Being able to debrief and get some professional feedback or peer review is essential in this work.

Your yearly investment for all this is only $198.00 (incl. GST) and this is a tax deduction for you.

Please contact us for further information, we’d love to have you on board.

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