The Australian Doula College Virtual Open Day 2021

October 30th 2021




"I have just attended your virtual Open day and am truly inspired"

The virtual ADC open day was huge success with 101 registrants signing up to join in. The attendees were not only from all corners of Australia but some attended from overseas. Participants meet the core ADC team and got some history on the College as well as learning about our courses, what it means to be a Doula and what Doulas offer. 

The College will be running another virtual Open Day April 24th 2021 for anyone wanting information on Doulas and Doula support and our trainings.

Meet Renee Adair, Founder and Director of the the ADC and get some history about the College and Doulas in general.

You will get to hear from our Educators and learn about your study options and what we have coming up in 2021, how the college operates and also hear from our graduates who have completed the training.

At our virtual open day you will have an opportunity to ask questions and you can log in and join us from anywhere thats convenient for you!

To be a part of this special day you will need to register (so that we can manage all of the IT stuff and send you the correct links). You can also use the registration button below to ask any questions. This is a FREE event hosted by The Australian Doula College.


We look forward to meeting you!