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Childbirth and

Early Parenting Training

Once you have completed doula training with us, you may consider expanding on your personal development and childbirth knowledge and wish to become a childbirth and early parenting educator.

There are There are 18 face to face contact days in one of venues in Sydney.

This course is a great stepping stone for you to grow your own ideas or perhaps be invited into work for the College. 

The course is overseen and facilitated by our founder Renee Adair, who has a career spanning over 24 years in the industry. Renee will be joined by some amazing teachers and guest speakers providing you a broad and expansive learning environment.


This course is an experience, not just a training and you will gain a deeper insight into your self and what comes up for us all being the one, in the front of the classroom. We are taking anyone who has trained with us in the past two years and the preference is that you have been working hands on as a Doula. 

There are only 8 positions for this training and it will run over a seven month period with a break from face to face contact over the holidays for you to complete writing your own course. If you are interested about this course and wish to find out more please contact us for more information now.

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