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What is an End Of Life Doula and Should Everyone Have One?

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Dignity in life and death: Commission recommends more nurses and palliative care.

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David Kessler and Brené on Grief and Finding Meaning

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What is Death?

How the pandemic is changing our understanding of mortality. 

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Anxious Mums

Postpartum Anxiety

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The Myth

of the Ageing


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Doula Support Compared With Standard Care

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Treading lightly in death: natural burials enriching on many levels.

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Planning for burial, cremation and ways to remember life.

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Learning to die – death doulas tell their stories.


Partner Support in labour – Do’s and Don’ts

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Doulas aren't just for birth - they're now helping families through death too

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Elderly Dying With


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Birthing services on country on the remote community of Galiwinku on Elcho island Northern Territory

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We need to change the way we deal with informed consent during childbirth.

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Australians want to die at home - but do we achieve that goal?

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The smell of breastmilk reduces how newborns perceive and react

to acute pain

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IVF Behind the scenes

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HOLY SHIT Im Pregnant


with Renee Adair

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Victoria's Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to issue certificates to recognise early pregnancy loss

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Children's Pain

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Mothers & Babies



Understanding the needs of your newborn: A Doulas perspective.


Birth Plans


The Postnatal Doula supporting forth stage.


What the heck

is a Doula?

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Setting a legal standard for affirmative consent in childbirth

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Death cafes, doulas and dolma: Meet the woman bringing dignity to the end of life.

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Adults can help children cope with death by understanding how they process it.

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Melbourne study captures complexities of babies' first breaths

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Australian Birth Stories


 Five Dad's Share Their Experiences and Advic‪e‬

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Why is my supply low?


with the ABA

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How To Support Someone Grieving The Death Of A Newborn

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The Death of a Parent Changes Adult Children Forever

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A - Z Guide Of Cremation...


How talking about death gives us more choice for end of life.

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What is birthing on country and why is it crucial for Aboriginal women?

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Dying, Death

and Doulas


Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Choices, challenges and truths.


How to prepare for labour and birth

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How to give a eulogy that truly celebrates the person you’re honoring