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"Previously, I would have said a woman would be helped by the assistance of a doula, to achieve their goals. I now say, every woman NEEDS a doula!"

Labour is hard work (and in my case with a posterior baby, incredibly painful) and you need someone with the knowledge who understands the big picture, who knows how to get you through. My partner and I do not know what we would have done without our doula! 

Julie Gordon

"Thanks to Stacey, I have beautiful memories of the day my son was born".

I am so glad I made the decision to have a doula at my second birth and I'm so lucky to have found Stacey. I knew I wanted support at the birth bit I didn't  how important it would be having Stacey to call to chat about concerns and fears leading up to the birth. 

Each time I spoke to her i was calm again, her advise was clever, like she had figured me out and knew the right things to say to a person like me. I was Stacey's first client but she is a natural! During labour Stacey was tactfully in the background while my husband and I focused on handling my contractions. Her input and suggestions were useful, yet subtle. Towards the end of the labour when I was exhausted and desperate, she know what to say.

Every thing about her presence was honest and prefect for creating an atmosphere of trust. Stacey was the one person who stayed with us throughout the entire labour while midwives changed shifts. After my first baby I knew that the atmosphere in the birthing room would remain in my memory after the details had faded. Thanks to Stacey, I have beautiful memories of the day my son was born. 

Sonja Gauci

'Marlea's presence was totally invaluable.'

I don't think my labour would have been so successful (VBAC) had she (the doula) not been there to assist myself and hubby. She knew exactly when to get involved and when to leave us to it. Her encouragement and support was spot on. 

Emily Reid

'Thanks again to the college and to Etta for such a wonderful birth experience.'

I wanted to thank you for teaming me up with a wonderful doula, Etta, for the birth of our second daughter Amelia.  On our first meeting we immediately felt relaxed with her, and new she would make a great birthing partner for our family. Practising hypno-birthing in a couple of sessions with her before the birth gave me the confidence to fully use my hypno-birthing potential, which I was keen to do.  Etta was so warm and connected before, during and after the birth, and made me, my husband and my eldest daughter feel at ease.  She arrived at the birth centre about 10 minutes after I did, and I immediately felt relaxed.  The birth went smoothly, she encouraged and soothed me, and always seemed to have a great suggestion at the right time.  We now continue to keep up with Etta regularly as a massage therapist, which has worked out well for us well.  


'There were no negative aspects of having a doula present'

Although we were very aware that the birth of our children could have unfolded in 100 different ways (possibly out of our control) we believed strongly in the power of the human body and wanted to have someone present at birth that shared our beliefs and understood our own specific and personal goals, but importantly that would support the 100%. We felt doctors often had protocols and procedures to adhere to so when we talked about who that person should be, our research led us to a doula.
She was exactly that. 100% supportive of our own beliefs and ideas (even though they may not have been hers) Not judgmental. Calm, reassuring, focused and completely aware of our options at every intersection. Furthermore she was able to absorb information from a variety of sources (midwives, medical stats, experience, me and my husband) and continually (but very calmly and discrete) ensure the whole experience reflected our goals and beliefs.
There were no negative aspects of having a doula present.

For my husband our doula was able to work with him as a team to make judgment calls on my behalf with my best interests in mind (and the babies) and fully support and reassure each other that the path we were taking was perfect.
I used 2 different ADC doulas for 2 VERY different birth experiences but both were absolutely perfect and our wonderful doulas are heavily responsible! Birth rocks!
R. McLennan


 'My doula was amazing, she was my rock!'

I have to tell you about how wonderful I think Sonia is.  As you will remember she was my doula.  My partner and I attended the classes also, which we found great. 

My beautiful little boy was born after an eight hour complication-free labour which was definitely helped by the support and love I felt from my birth support people.  My waters broke at 8am while I was lying in bed so I rang Sonia and we waited a bit.  The first contraction came pretty soon after that, about half an hour or so, and from then it was ALL ON, full steam ahead, contractions only a minute apart.

My doula was amazing, she was my rock! She supported us both and worked her butt off.  We were all a great team.  My son was an expert at being born, the little darling.  Thanks to such a great support and such a clever baby I only had the gas and ended up with no stitches.

When I think back to that day it is definitely one of the most amazing and happy days of my life and I know that is due to having such a great support plus my partner and I educating ourselves about the whole process.  I know it wouldn't have been as successful without Sonia there and without the classes.

I can hardly even remember the hospital staff and midwifes as I had my own little bubble of safety, reassurance and protection from anything strange or scary.  It really was a powerful and lovely experience for me.

Thank you so much, I am so grateful for the day I rang you and inquired about a doula.



'You will always hold a special place in my heart'

I had the pleasure of meeting Renee Adair when I was about nine weeks pregnant with my second baby. I had a c-section with my first child and was determined to birth my second as naturally as possible. I had chosen to birth in a private hospital and through much research, I learned that having a doula was instrumental in achieving a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean).

Renee understood how determined I was to achieve a VBAC and thanks to her encouragement, knowledge and experience in childbirth I did!

Having Renee there during my pregnancy and then during labour proved to be invaluable. My husband who was a little skeptical at first about the services of a doula later said that he was most grateful we had Renee with us and that she undoubtedly played a huge role in our wonderful birthing experience.

Renee, we are most fortunate to have come across you and your services. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I will forever be singing your praises!

Best regards and hugs,

Mei Lyn Duck


'I can not speak highly enough of doulas.'

Our labour was a 37 hour marathon and we do not believe that we would have held ourselves together emotionally and mentally if we did not have Lisa's calming presence. We believe that all women who are about to go through labour would benefit from having a doula present. We cannot recommend Lisa and your services highly enough! (Mum)

Lisa really helped me to get through this experience. I was very hesitate about having her but after the experience I cannot speak highly enough of doulas. (Dad)

Vanessa Mckeon and Anthony Nash


'We will always remember your wisdom and confidence in us....'

We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Tarsha for all your love, assistance and support as our doula over the past 9+ months.  What an amazing journey it has been and it was made even more magical by you.  We knew we made the right decision deciding to have you as our doula, what we didn't realise was how much of a right decision that was.  Your support through the entire pregnancy, labour and birth was invaluable.

From our first 'meetings' we felt very comfortable with you as we all got to know each other, we felt as though we had a valuable (and very knowledgeable) family member with us.  Whenever we had questions, we appreciate the fact that you guided us in the right direction to find the answers and make our own decisions.  Every decision we made you supported and at no stage did you impose any views of your own upon us.  You spoiled us with massages through your pregnancy, which also helped tremendously through labour.  During labour you were a pillar of strength for all of us.  You understood us, knew our birth plan along with our midwife we all made a great team.  When decisions needed to be made you created a sacred space for Dale and I to talk and come to terms with what needed to be done.  We will always remember your wisdom your confidence in us, and never ending support.

"You can do this" is embedded in our memories forever.


Love Katherine, Dale and Finnegan Beaumont

'Renee was with us the whole way and throughout it all provided the most incredible support to both Tim and myself.'

A couple of years ago I read fascinating article in the Sunday paper about the advantages and benefits of having a doula.  I thought that if ever my husband and I had a baby, it'd be great to use one.  When I became pregnant I searched around for the best and found Renee who became our doula. 

I loved that she was so passionate about women and believed in the right to give birth in the way that was right for you.  No pressure, only support!  Renee has a wonderful energy and I loved that she could also offer me Aromatherapy and Reiki if I wanted it.  My husband and i attended Renee's childbirth education classes which were so positive, empowering and above all, educational.  Not a dry eye in the house!  Her support and advice throughout my pregnancy was fantastic.  She was available to chat with about any questions or concerns and had an incredible list of contacts and suggestions that I also accessed for other natural therapies. 

The birth of our soon turned out to be the most positive, empowered experience I have ever had.  Renee was with us the whole way and throughout it all provided the most incredible support to both Tim and myself.  I was in labour for eleven hours and gave birth without the need for drugs.  It was awesome!  I can't speak highly enough of Renee and her talents.  I wouldn't hesitate to ask her to be my doula again and can thoroughly recommend her to any woman seeking  a positive, empowered birthing experience.

Caroline and Tim Smith


'My doula was fantastic during the birth'

Last year, my husband Gavin and I, decided to have a Doula attend the birth of our first child. We rang the Australian Doula College and found everyone to be extremely helpful. We met with Lisa Kordiak, a student Doula, and both Gavin and I thought she was wonderful, so we booked her for the birth.

In the last 6 or so weeks of my pregnancy, I had some medical problems (thankfully, nothing was wrong with the baby) and spent a lot of time in and out of hospital. Throughout this time, Lisa was a great support. She phoned me to see if there was anything she could do, came and visited me in hospital twice and both Gavin and I knew we were able to call on her at anytime if we needed.

Due to the problems I had been having, it was decided that I would be induced 8 days early. By the time Lisa arrived, I had been given an epidural, and we sat and chatted for a few hours until I was fully dilated. Lisa was fantastic during the birth. She kept me focused during the pushing stage and was there to help with anything I asked for. Once our daughter, Ruby, was born, Lisa took some photos for us, which will be treasured by us forever.

Gavin and I both highly recommend Lisa as a Doula. We would like to congratulate her on her recent graduation and wish her all the best as a Doula.

Kind regards

Michelle Byron


 'Our Doctor said to us that he would be recommending douals to his patience after this experience'

Tammy (our doula) was an invaluable part of the birth of our first child, from the first meeting, through the development of the birth plan, the labour and post birth.

She was clear at all times, providing useful resources and insights that was easy to understand. During the labour Tammy came into her own, with just the kind of practical and emotional support required.

 When Danica (my wife) reached transition, I would have panicked and offered unnecessary pain relief, had Tammy (our doula) not been present. I am sure that without Tammy's involvement, a greater degree of intervention would have been involved. (including post birth)

We will be recommending her to our friends and our Doctor said to us he would be recommending doulas to his patience after this experience.

 Chris Kohn

 'I wish more people knew about doulas and your college'

Karen's (our doula) information and support before the birth really helped me prepare and feel much more confident about how I was going to handle labour. Karen's emotional support during the birth and her physical presence and constant back massaging enabled me to get through labour without the need for an epidural. Karens support was unwavering and i am grateful for having her as my support person. I wish more people knew about doulas and your college. I have been telling everyone!

Selena Alexander


'I will refer people to your company and tell them why they need a doula!'

I wanted to thank you as your company was my first point of contact when I looked into doulas. I cant remember the person I first spoke to on the phone but she was great too. I inquired for information on a  VBAC and the closest person you had to me was lisa who had just finished her training births. Even though I didn't go with your company, you did give me the hope and information for me to strive for the birth I wanted and the birth I got! I did have a doula and she was great and I think all women should have doulas. I wish you all the best and I will refer people to your company and tell them why they need a doula!

Best wishes ,


‘My son's birth couldn't have been more perfect.’

No drugs (and no stitches!). He was born at Westmead Hospital on 26/2/11. He's 3 months old now.
My physical recovery was so speedy (I'm training for a marathon now) and I love every minute of motherhood.
Couldn't have done it without my doula Jill.
The weekend course my husband & I did with Renee helped so much. I also really appreciated the tablets Renee made for me from my placenta.
I've been blogging about my experiences, and I've received an amazing response from my readers. About 2000+ hits in the last month already.

Lina Nguyen

'The emotional and physical support provided by our doula were fantastic!' 

As first time parents her presence at the birth helped us remain calm and in control. i was amazed by her energy throughout the whole process and her commitment to us and the birth of our baby.

Helen Philips 



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